Les présents « Termes et Conditions » ont pour objet de définir les modalités de mise à disposition des services du site Frenchie Abroad entre vous, le consommateur et la société INTERN LIMITED, sous le nom de FRENCHIE ABROAD.

Ces termes et conditions traitent de l’usage de nos produits et services ainsi que de l’utilisation de notre site internet. Les parties concernées acceptent explicitement les termes et conditions ainsi que l’utilisation de leurs données personnelles par FRENCHIE ABROAD dès lors qu’il souscrit à nos services.

Si l’utilisateur concerné ne souhaite pas accepter les  «Termes et Conditions » établies ci-dessous, il lui est demandé de renoncer à la souscription à nos services.

La société INTERN LIMITED étant basée en Nouvelle-Zélande, ces « Termes et Conditions » ont été établis en anglais.

Table des matières :

Article 1. Definitions

Article 2. Application process

Article 3. Service provided by FRENCHIE ABROAD

Article 4. Work and travel

Article 5. Electronic information traffic

Article 6. Payments

6.1.1 Lowest Price Guarantee

6.1.2 Discounts

6.2. Refund Policies

6.3. Bank fees

6.4. Paid internships or work experiences

Article 7. Support services

Article 8. Activities

Article 9. Responsibility and disclaimer

Article 10. Intellectual property rights

Article 11. Scope of the conditions

Article 12. Length of the agreement/adjustments

Article 13. Law and forum choice


Article 1. Definitions

1) Placement – represents a work experience (on volunteer basis) with a Host organization, not to be qualified as a (first) job after graduation or as a part-time job during study.

2) Contact information – name, address information and other contact information (such as phone number and e-mail address) of both the candidate and the Host Organizations.

3) CV – The curriculum vitae of an applicant that has been filled in and posted on our website by means of an electronic CV form and/or possibly as attachment to the profile.

4) Applicant profile – A short description of the profile (name, address, education, experience, etc) of a certain applicant, that has been filled in and has been placed on our website by means of the electronic profile form.

5) Website – Our website (www.FRENCHIEABROAD.com) and/or partner sites.

6) Applicant – A natural person that applies for an internship in his/her field of expertise.

7) Host Organization – Person or organisation that needs to find an applicant for an internship or work experience within its own organisation or in case of intermediary, within the organisation of its constituent.

8) Personal information – Information which identifies an applicant or which can identify an applicant.


Article 2. Application process

1) Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old and be able to obtain a valid visa for the duration of the internship.

2) After the applicant has applied he or she can make an appointment with a representative of FRENCHIE ABROAD for a Skype interview. In the event this interview has satisfied both parties the application of the applicant is accepted.

3) The applicant is responsible for submitting a profile, a format of this profile is send to the applicant as soon as the application is accepted. This profile contains amongst others an up to date CV, (professional) photograph and cover letter and other questions asked in the format.

4) The applicant is responsible for enclosing correct and complete information in his or her profile.

5) The information given by applicants might be altered by FRENCHIE ABROAD slightly.

6) The applicant is permitted, when requested, to access his or her information and to make amends. These amends are only permitted when it is in the interest of fulfilling the service.

7) FRENCHIE ABROAD or associated organisations reserve at all times the right to deny an applicant.

8) When submitting the application, the applicant agrees to the service fee and the deposit which are applicable for the requested service and the (non-refundable) administration fee which are applicable for the requested service.

9) When submitting the application, the applicant agrees that his or her personal information will be shared with third parties in order to provide the requested service.

10) When submitting the application, the applicant agrees that his or her personal information will be send to other countries.


Article 3. Services provided by FRENCHIE ABROAD

1) If the application of an applicant, as described in article 2, is accepted by FRENCHIE ABROAD the applicant will pay the applicable deposit of 100EUR for his or her requested program. The non-refundable administration fee is 50 EUR. In the event FRENCHIE ABROAD is not successful in finding a placement the deposit will (under certain circumstances as explained in article 6.3 below) be returned to the applicant.

2) After the applicant profile is received, FRENCHIE ABROAD will contact (potential) Host organizations on behalf of the applicant.

3) When a (potential) Host organisation indicates that there might be a placement opportunity, FRENCHIE ABROAD will inform the applicant about this as soon as possible.

4) In the event that a (potential) placement opportunity is found, FRENCHIE ABROAD will generally arrange a job interview between the applicant and the (potential) Host organization.

5) FRENCHIE ABROAD  will inform the applicant as soon as possible in the event that the job interview results in a placement offer from the (potential) Host organization.

6) The applicant has the option to either accept or decline the placement offer. An applicant must provide a valid reason to decline a possible internship or work experience. Amongst others, declining an internship or work experience position because the applicant found one by himself will not be seen as a valid reason.

7) In the event the applicant declines the placement offer FRENCHIE ABROAD  will use their best endeavours to find another placement offer.

8) If an applicant accepts a placement offer the full fee will be paid by the applicant to FRENCHIE ABROAD.

9) When it has been confirmed that the fee is paid, FRENCHIE ABROAD will facilitate the signing of the internship agreement between the Host organization and the applicant.

10) The applicant is responsible for obtaining permission from his or her educational institution (if applicable).

11) FRENCHIE ABROAD cannot guarantee a placement for every applicant, FRENCHIE ABROAD cannot be hold accountable for any reason whatsoever with regard to the inability of finding a placement.

12) The moment the internship agreement has been signed by all parties involved, the contractual relationship between FRENCHIE ABROAD and the parties involved will come to an end, unless for several aspects expressly stated in the agreement or in these terms and conditions.


Article 4. Work and Travel (PVT)

With regard to the work and travel program, FRENCHIE ABROAD will provide a different service which includes, but is not limited to, Job support, visa assistance and emergency assistance. For more information about this service we recommend going to our website where a full overview of the work and travel program can be found. The total amount of the W&T program will be paid during check out and is non refundable..


Article 5. Electronic information traffic

All parties concerned agree that electronically established agreements and electronically sent information are legally binding in case of a legal procedure.


Article 6. Payments

Once the applicant’s internship placement has been arranged by FRENCHIE ABROAD, the applicant will be asked to pay the internship fee as discussed. All fees have to be paid within 10 days after the invoice date. In case of a lack of payment within 10 days, FRENCHIE ABROAD will send a reminder which has be responded to within 5 days. In case of a non-response within this 5 days after the reminder, FRENCHIE ABROAD has the right to charge a NZD50,- administration fee. If not paid within 7 days of the reminder FRENCHIE ABROAD has the right to terminate the internship.

6.1.1 Lowest Price Guarantee

The Lowest Price Guarantee is only valid for the internship package and:

1) when a competitor offers the same conditions

2) when this particular package is clearly visible on the competitors website

3) when the competitor has its own office in Australia or New Zealand

4) within 7 days after your sign up

5) is only valid in France

6.1.2 Discounts

Discounts and vouchers on this website are void if subject to writing or spelling mistakes. It is not possible to have a discount on a discount or voucher. At all times only one discount or one voucher is valid.

6.2. Refund policies

1) In the event the applicant has a deadline before obtaining an internship because of his/her educational institution, it is the responsibility of the applicant to make this known on time. The conditions with regard to the repayment of the deposit are only valid until this deadline. In the event an interview does not result in an internship or work experience position and FRENCHIE ABROAD is not able to find a suitable position before the deadline (based on the requirements of the educational institution) the applicant will receive a full refund minus the administration fee. With the deadline the process takes at least 4 weeks, and these start counting from the day you have submitted your complete profile.

2) You have failed to complete your profile within 3 weeks of your provided deadline.

3) FRENCHIE ABROAD  will not refund the deposit If the applicant decides to sign out during the process without a legitimate reason (Consideration will be given in situations of bereavement, where you have fallen ill or other similar circumstances)

4) FRENCHIE ABROAD will not refund any program fees after they have been paid. Only when the internship was unsuccessful due to actions taken by FRENCHIE ABROAD, in this event the full program fee will be refunded.

5) FRENCHIE ABROAD will not refund the deposit If the applicant looks for an internship or work experience position himself.

6) FRENCHIE ABROAD will not refund the deposit if the applicant doesn’t reply to general email contact which may affect the search process. 48 hours is preferred but a duration of 5 days or longer is seen as too long and does affect the search process.

7) FRENCHIE ABROAD will not refund the deposit if you have declined an offer that matches the requirements you have given to us, or if there are factors that will affect our search and/or your acceptance of a position that we were not reasonably notified of. Examples would include requesting payment during an interview, declining because an internship is unpaid (despite your previous acknowledgement that you knew this to be the case), or having not informed us of your restrictions on an internship location.

8) FRENCHIE ABROAD will not refund the deposit if you have failed to provide evidence from your University that an Internship we have arranged for you does not meet the University’s requirements.

9) FRENCHIE ABROAD will not refund the deposit if somewhere in your application you have provided us with false or misleading information.

6.3. Bank Fees

The applicant is responsible for all bank fees and charges in relation to processing of the application and/or program fees. In the event of FRENCHIE ABROAD being charged such fees, the applicant will be invoiced for these amounts afterwards.

6.4. Paid internship or work experiences

Both the Host Organisation and the intern agree on the arrangement that the intern will be a volunteer. The host organization is entitled to provide the intern with a compensation. However, such an agreement will not involve FRENCHIE ABROAD and is solely be between the intern and the host organization.


Article 7. FRENCHIE ABROAD support services

1) FRENCHIE ABROAD will direct the applicant to the visa application website where the applicant can apply for a visa which is necessary for his or her internship/work experience. FRENCHIE ABROAD is not responsible or involved in any of the aspects with regard to the visa application process, all responsibility solely rests with the applicants themselves. FRENCHIE ABROAD cannot be held accountable in any way in the event a visa is denied, furthermore are all the costs with regard to the visa application process for the applicant.

2) FRENCHIE ABROAD will provide suitable housing for the applicant, however, in the event that the arranged housing is not to the liking of the applicant, FRENCHIE ABROAD is not responsible to provide an alternative accommodation.


Article 8. Activities

1) Not FRENCHIE ABROAD but INTERN LIMITED, will organize social activities, the applicant is required to sign the liability waiver for INTERN LIMITED before joining any of the activities.

2) Terms & Conditions for activities and trips are clearly mentioned by INTERN LIMITED and do not have any affect on FRENCHIE ABROAD.


Article 9. Responsibility and disclaimer

1) If a party does not keep itself to one or more of the stipulations stated in these terms and conditions, this party is obliged to pay for all the resulting direct and indirect damages (including additional costs and legal costs).

2) This issue does not interfere with the right of FRENCHIE ABROAD to start any other claims against the other party, including claiming the right to take other legal measures, such as dissolving the contract without legal interference.

3) FRENCHIE ABROAD is not liable for any damages done to the Host organization as a result of the made match with an applicant/candidate or if the applicant/candidate does not act in accordance with the contract made with the Host Company.

4) FRENCHIE ABROAD is not liable for the damage done to the Host Organization or a third party as a result of an applicant who does not have the required diploma or other proof of competence.

5) FRENCHIE ABROAD is not liable for any damage or loss as a result of an incorrect selection of an applicant/candidate by the Host Company, or otherwise as a result of an incorrect selection of an internship/graduation assignment by the applicant.

6) FRENCHIE ABROAD is not liable or responsible for arranging a replacing applicant/candidate for the Host Organization or third party if a selected applicant/candidate does not fulfil his tasks sufficiently or if the applicant does not keep himself to the contract.

7) FRENCHIE ABROAD is not liable for any damage as result of the unavailability or disturbance of the website or the facilities of an internet provider and/or telecommunication provider.

8) The used and provided personal information of the applicant is confidential and will at all times be the responsibility of FRENCHIE ABROAD.

9) Personal information will only be used by FRENCHIE ABROAD to achieve the aim for which this information was provided by the applicant.

10) Personal information will be kept for a specific time, however this information will at all times be protected and is only accessible to authorized persons. FRENCHIE ABROAD trains both personal and representatives how to correctly and carefully use personal information.


Article 10. Intellectual property rights

All Author rights, brand rights, business rights and all other intellectual property rights based on software, the website, the services or FRENCHIE ABROAD, the information on the website (Excluding possible author rights on the content of the applicants profiles, vacancies, logo’s, brands and other information on the website, for which the Host Organization gives FRENCHIE ABROAD non-exclusive user rights) are only given by FRENCHIE ABROAD and/or its licence.


Article 11. Scope conditions

If at least one of the issues in these terms & conditions turns out to be invalid or inapplicable, the other issues will keep their validity. The issues that are not valid or applicable will be replaced by issues that are similar and valid in request to make them applicable.


Article 12. Length of the agreement, adjustments

1) Contracts with FRENCHIE ABROAD are valid for an undetermined period, unless the contract specifically states differently. Cancellation is possible by both candidates, subjected to the definitions stated in the agreement between both parties.

2) FRENCHIE ABROAD has the right to change these terms & conditions at any time. Changes will not be notified. If a party concerned does not agree with the change, they have the right to inform FRENCHIE ABROAD (by email or post) within 30 days after the change. Possible open and invoiced debts remain valid and can be demanded directly. We recommend to read the Terms & conditions monthly, where new or changed information will be highlighted for that particular month in case any changes have been made.


Article 13. Law and forum choice

1) Contracts with FRENCHIE ABROAD are managed and controlled by the law of New Zealand.

2) If a conflict appears with the contract with FRENCHIE ABROAD regarding the use and services of the website, the parties will try to solve the problem personally before contacting a third party. If the parties do not solve the problem personally, the conflict will be forwarded to the Mediation group.